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I love green colour! I can say that it is one of my favourite colours. What is your favourite colour?

If you been following my blog you might have found quite few green recipes. Here is again a green one. I found it recently and absolutely love it. I love cooking only from few ingredients therefore this recipe is even more tastier. At least for me.


My husband says ‘If only we could improve the colour’ it would be even more amazing dish. Ha ha! I actually like this colour, it reminds me of forest grass colour. Oh, well, enough about the colours, let’s get the recipe here!


Two large broccolis

A box of chestnut mushrooms

A large onion

Few cloves of garlic

Didn’t I tell you how simple the recipe sounds. And believe it or not but it tastes amazing. I didn’t use too much of seasoning – mainly caraway seeds, herbs like oregano, basil and salt. As simple as that.

Start cooking: fry garlic, then onions and mushrooms. Useful tip – you don’t need to chop everything very finely because at the end we will put the soup in the food processor and blend it. So chop so that could fit in the pot and fry. Once you smell a mushrooms you can add chopped broccoli. Add boiled water and boil together with herbs. Boil until broccoli gets soft. Let it cool and blend it all together. I also added few spoons of soya powder.  You can add some milk or cream also when you dish the soup on the plate. I served it with toasted bread and humous. Also added some seeds like roasted pumpkin seeds. To give some flavour you can add yeast flakes or grated cheese.

Enjoy and don’t by shy to add your extra flavour.




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Kaip man patinka špinatai – ir žali, ir troškinti ir virti. Tai puikus geležies šaltinis. Kadangi esu vegetarė, tad produktų, kuriuose yra geležies – burokėlių, brokolių, avinžirnių, slyvų, riešutų ir t.t.

Šiandien dariau labai skanią trintą špinatų ir brokolių sriubą su morkomis. Sriuba gavosi žalia, ir net labai žalia, bet ją pagražinau permezano sūriu. O apie viską iš pradžių – ingredientai:

800 g virtų špinatų

500 – 650 g virtų brokolių

Du dideli svogūnai

Stiklinė pjaustytų morkų

Rozmarino ir raudonėlio

Pirmiausia, ant mažos ugnies pasitroškiname svogūną ir sudedame virtus brokolius ir špintatus. Kol jie troškinasi, užverdame vandens ir įpilame kad truputį apsemtų. Kai baigia troškintis daržovės – sudedame prieskonius ir truputį druskos. Pravėsus viską sublenderiuojame ir jei sriuba gavosi labai tiršta – įpilkite virinto vandens. Po to supilkite viską atgal į puodą ir pakaitinkite kartu su morkomis. Valgykite su permezano sūriu ar su jogurtu. Jeigu trūksta skonio – visada galite įsilašinti citrinos sulčių arba sojos pieno.

Būkite sveiki!


I really love spinach – fresh, fried or boiled. It is a great source of iron. As I am vegetarian, I always want the products which have iron – beetroots, broccoli, chickpeas, nuts, plums and etc.

Today I have cooked very tasty smashed green soap made from spinach and broccoli. I have also added some carrots inside to make it more colorful and tastier. But let’s start from the beginning – ingredients:

800 g boiled spinach

500 – 650 g boiled broccoli

2 onions

1 glass of boiled and cut carrots

Rosemarie and oregano

Cut the onions and fry them in a pot where you will be cooking the soap. Once the onions get light yellow color – add boiled spinach and broccoli. Also, boil and add some water – just not too much that it wouldn’t be too liquid. Once it is ready – leave it to cool and then blend it. If it is too thick  – add some boiled water. At the end, before boiling again with spices, add the carrots. If it is still missing some taste – add a bit of lemon juice or soya sauce. You can also add some yogurt or parmesan cheese.

Enjoy and be healthy!

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