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Those nuts’ balls…

It is time to treat yourself. And not only yourself but also others. However, it is sooooo delicious that you might decide to keep somewhere secretly and enjoy only yourself.  My family absolutely loves them. We also call it energy balls that we take each or two every morning. AS they say it is a great way to start the day alongside homemade smoothie.

Nuts’ balls recipe was adapted from the Fit Food Finds website (thank you Lee). But it also added additional taste from me 🙂 The recipe is very easy and it so much fun to do it with your children. It is a great way to spend some time together and also prepare something very delicious.


Here is the recipe:

3/4 cups raw almonds

3/4 cups raw wallnuts

12/16 pitted medjool dates

4 table spoons all-natural peanut butter

3/4 cups grated coconut

Place the nuts on the pan and roast until you start feeling the smell of nuts. Then add more than half of the coconut to the pan and keep roasting together with nuts. Make sure you are roasting on a small heat because it is very easy to burn the nuts. You can also toast the nuts in the oven but always be near it as again it might burn too quickly. Once you roasted the nuts leave them to cool. Place the dates in the food processor and blend them very well. If you haven’t gotten medjool dates, but you have dried dates. You can use them too but before you should soak them in water. If you soaked them in water, do not forget to remove the water and let them dry properly. Then separately put nuts in the food processor and keep there until the nuts are finely chopped. Then add dates and finally peanut butter. Mix everything well – can do with food processor or with spoon either clean hands. Place remaining coconut on the plate then, start shaping nuts’ balls and roll them in coconut. All the balls put in the container and keep in the fridge.


I wrote the ingredients however, I always mix and experiment. Recently I made these balls using macadamia, pecan nuts – tastes very good! I also added seeds – linseeds and sesame seeds. And you can always add more coconut because it is very healthy to our bodies.

One TIP: make sure you got powerful food processor because you will have to chop dates and nuts. I actually burnt mine. So learn from my mistake 🙂

Enjoy it!


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Please tell me, who does not like smoothie! Milkshake! Cocktail?  It is such a good way to start your morning.  Or to brighten your day.  Or have a light dinner.  I like all of those options.  But the best is for me to have it for breakfast.  It gives us so much energy, especially  when the brain needs food after the night.  And usually I drink smoothie and eat nuts, dried fruits. What can I say – it is so yummy!

In the past I already shared some recipes for smoothie, but it is something that you can be experimenting every morning.  So, what about cranberries’ smoothie?

Cranberries smoothie


So simple, best is always to check what you have in the fridge, or in your fruits’ basket.  But I used for this smoothie:

Cranberries’ jam (it is homemade jam, but you can use fresh cranberries)

Very ripe banana

3 or 4 big dates

a spoon of honey

1 ripe plump

1 kiwi

milk (coconut and almond nuts)

Just blend everything and drink it.  If you like it to be more sour taste – add a bit of lime juice.


Sakykit, kamgi iš Jūsų nepatinka vaisiniai kokteiliai?  Tai puikus būdas pradėti dieną.  Ar praskraidinti pietų pertrauką.  O gal turėti lengvą vakarienę?  Man patinka visi šie variantai, bet dažniausiai mes geriame iš ryto – puiki energijos dozė gerai dienos pradžiai.  Tai puikus maistas smegenims po nakties miego.  Dažniausiai gerdami kokteili valgome riešutus, džiovintus vaisius.  Ką gi daugiau pasakius – tai labai skanu.

Jau esu minėjusu keletą kokteilių receptų, bet tai toks receptas, kurį kasdien improvizuoti ir vis atrasti naujų skonių.  Kodėlgi nepasidarius spanguolių kokteilio?  Žiūrėkite, ką turite šaldytuve, bet aš naudojau:

Spanuoguolių uogienę (tai naminė uogienė, bet galite puikiai naudoti ir šviežias/šaldytas spanguoles)

Prinokęs bananas

Trys ar keturios datulės

Šaukštelis medaus

viena slyva

Vienas kivi

Pienas (kokosų ir migdolų riešutų)

Viską suplakame ir skanaujame.  Jei norisi rūgštelės – įspauskite laimo citrinos sulčių.

spanguoliu kokteilis

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