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We all know that breakfast is the most important meal in the day, don’t we? Our super brains after the night sleep need energy and breakfast is a perfect way to boost them.  Not to speak about water – we start a day with a glass or two of water, isn’t it?  I love water and I usually keep my water bottles next to my bed so that once I wake up I could have a first sip of water and continue drinking until breakfast.

However, this time I am not going to talk much about breakfast but I would like to share an amazing recipe for breakfast which you can prepare in advance and enjoy in the morning. It is true that we all have very busy mornings and sometimes we leave breakfast aside. If we only spend some time in the evening or other part of the day that is less busy for us and prepare some food that we could eat during breakfast that would be perfect.

I always look for some healthy and very nutritious ways to start the day. Since summer we’ve been drinking smoothies for breakfast. But at least from our experience it is not enough to keep you going until lunch. So I started doing nut balls and have few of them with smoothie.  Oh, such a delicious breakfast! But it is good to have a variety and I started thinking of making other types of ‘energy’ balls. And decided to improve my two ingredients biscuits recipe. Aaah, the result was stunning! I baked them on Wednesday, today the box is empty.


It simply disappeared, I think not only eating at breakfast time. Few additional ingredients made them so delicious. I have to bake again and this time keep them in better place so that we could have mainly for breakfast. Why? Because it is so easy to have them with smoothie and no need to do any additional dishes.


Let me remind you the recipe and those ‘magic’ few additional ingredients. We need:

2,5 cups oats

5 very bananas (better ripe)

1 cup of desiccated coconut

4 table spoons of coconut butter

pecan nuts

pumpkin seeds

2 table spoons of honey

First, I mix very well oats and coconut butter until you can’t see the butter. Then, I grate bananas; or you can smash with a fork, or use a hand blender. Thirdly, I add bananas to the oats mixture; again mix very well and add all remaining ingredients. Finally add honey and mix again. Once the dough is ready start making the cookies. Bake them for 15-20 mins at 170C temperature.

Happy breakfast! Happy Cookies! Happy weekend!



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Kai pati atradau šį receptą negalėjau patikėti, kad gali būti tokie skanūs sausainiai.  Tikiu, kad ir jūs nekantraujat sužinoti, kokie tie paslaptingi ingredientai? Taigi, mums reikės:

Dviejų labai prinokusių bananų

Puodelio avižinių dribsnių

Papildomai naudojau:

Linų sėmenis

Sezamo sėklas

Pinijų riešutus


Taigi, pirmiausia keptuvėje paskrudinau linų sėmenis, sezamo sėklas ir pinijų riešutus su medumi.  Labai svarbu gerai maišyti, kad nesudegtų.  Kada švelniai apskrus, išjungti keptuvę ir palikti keletą minučių atvėsti.  Tuo tarpu sutrinti bananus kartu su avižiniais dribsniais.  Mano dribsniai buvo ekologiški, gana stambūs, tad naudojau blenderį (smulkintuvą).  Po to sudėjau skrudintas sėklas ir vėl viską sumaliau.  Po to formavau sausainukus.  Kepti orkaitėje 170 C apie 15-20 min.  Valgyti atvėsusius.  Patariu valgyt ryte per pusryčius – energija visai dienai.

Two ingredients cookies



Two ingredient biscuits – could it be so easy?  Yes, not only easy but also very delicious.  Let’s see what we need:


2 very very ripe bananas

1 cup of oats (those who can not have gluten products should look for gluten free oats)

Additional ingredients I used:


Sesame seeds

Pine nuts


You can add any addition ingredients you like.  You can also add raisins, chocolate chips, nuts and other seeds, poppy seeds – it is all about your imagination and taste.  If your bananas are not very ripe you should add more honey or even brown sugar – of course if you want to have them sweet.  So, all you do is smash bananas and add oats.  I was using blender to make a smooth ‘dough’.  But before that I gently roasted all additional ingredients in a pan and then mixed with bananas and oats.  When you are ready – form biscuits and bake!  Use 170 C degrees and bake for 15 minutes.  Please, wait to cool down before you eat.  Very good in the morning – many nutritions for a good start of the day.  Enjoy! Taste!


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