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Are you happy with your diet? What does nutrition mean for you?  How important is to plan your nutrition?  How much time do you spend on finding new healthier recipes? Is there anything you would like to change about your food habits?


Nutrition is very important part of our life like rest, exercise, fresh air, water, relationship with our Creator, temperance. It is essential to enrich yourself with body building foods. We need to find the right body fuel so that we could enjoy living. This will not only reduce the risk of common diseases but will empower us with good energy.

Let us remind ourselves what nutrients our bodies need:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins
  • Fats
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Trace Minerals
  • Antioxidants and phytochemicals

And that brings us to the essential food groups that are:

Cereals and Grains Foundation of our diet! The best is wholegrain cereals and grains. They are rich in dietary fiber and complex of carbohydrates.
Fruits and Vegetables Should include a good balance of both, that are the richest sources of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
Legumes, Nuts, and Seeds A wonderful source of protein along with minerals, vitamins, and other protective elements.
Dairy or fortified equivalents This is a vital source of important nutrients, including calcium and vitamin B12. If you are practicing vegan diet make sure you take it in a sufficient supplement form.
Fats, Oils, Sweets, and Salt These foods are required in a very small quantities. Chose unrefined products to get higher benefits.


Please be aware that if you want to have a balanced plant-based diet it is very important to select a variety of foods color, texture and flavor. This ensures that a wide range of nutrients to support a healthy body and it will also give the pleasure of eating. Secondly, the food quality matters a lot. It is much more valuable to eat wholegrain and unrefined products because they are nutrient-dense. Otherwise you will be eating calorie-dense food that can increase your weight. Following that, it is important to balance your diet and the energy we expend during the day. Obesity is a great problem if we do not control our food intakes and physical activities.  There must be a balance for that. Next is moderation. There are foods that we should be taking in moderate quantities, like fats and salt. Finally, highly processed food has no nutritional value and should be avoided as much as possible like sodas, alcohol and coffee. You can make your own non-alcoholic cocktails, change coffee to substitutes made from roasted cereals like barley.

Agriculture in France

It is simply fascinating that God gave such an abundance of good food for us! And he wants us to treasure our bodies that we could enjoy our relationship with each other and with him. Planning and eating only plant-based diet could take a good amount of time but once you find the right ingredients and recipes it becomes your lifestyle and easy way to maintain a healthy body. To add, there are so many vegetarian and vegan cafes nowadays that you could also enjoy your meal outdoors with friends and get inspired to try new recipes, new tastes.

Take your time to invest in your nutrition and experience a much happier life.


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I love green colour! I can say that it is one of my favourite colours. What is your favourite colour?

If you been following my blog you might have found quite few green recipes. Here is again a green one. I found it recently and absolutely love it. I love cooking only from few ingredients therefore this recipe is even more tastier. At least for me.


My husband says ‘If only we could improve the colour’ it would be even more amazing dish. Ha ha! I actually like this colour, it reminds me of forest grass colour. Oh, well, enough about the colours, let’s get the recipe here!


Two large broccolis

A box of chestnut mushrooms

A large onion

Few cloves of garlic

Didn’t I tell you how simple the recipe sounds. And believe it or not but it tastes amazing. I didn’t use too much of seasoning – mainly caraway seeds, herbs like oregano, basil and salt. As simple as that.

Start cooking: fry garlic, then onions and mushrooms. Useful tip – you don’t need to chop everything very finely because at the end we will put the soup in the food processor and blend it. So chop so that could fit in the pot and fry. Once you smell a mushrooms you can add chopped broccoli. Add boiled water and boil together with herbs. Boil until broccoli gets soft. Let it cool and blend it all together. I also added few spoons of soya powder.  You can add some milk or cream also when you dish the soup on the plate. I served it with toasted bread and humous. Also added some seeds like roasted pumpkin seeds. To give some flavour you can add yeast flakes or grated cheese.

Enjoy and don’t by shy to add your extra flavour.



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Kai pati atradau šį receptą negalėjau patikėti, kad gali būti tokie skanūs sausainiai.  Tikiu, kad ir jūs nekantraujat sužinoti, kokie tie paslaptingi ingredientai? Taigi, mums reikės:

Dviejų labai prinokusių bananų

Puodelio avižinių dribsnių

Papildomai naudojau:

Linų sėmenis

Sezamo sėklas

Pinijų riešutus


Taigi, pirmiausia keptuvėje paskrudinau linų sėmenis, sezamo sėklas ir pinijų riešutus su medumi.  Labai svarbu gerai maišyti, kad nesudegtų.  Kada švelniai apskrus, išjungti keptuvę ir palikti keletą minučių atvėsti.  Tuo tarpu sutrinti bananus kartu su avižiniais dribsniais.  Mano dribsniai buvo ekologiški, gana stambūs, tad naudojau blenderį (smulkintuvą).  Po to sudėjau skrudintas sėklas ir vėl viską sumaliau.  Po to formavau sausainukus.  Kepti orkaitėje 170 C apie 15-20 min.  Valgyti atvėsusius.  Patariu valgyt ryte per pusryčius – energija visai dienai.

Two ingredients cookies



Two ingredient biscuits – could it be so easy?  Yes, not only easy but also very delicious.  Let’s see what we need:


2 very very ripe bananas

1 cup of oats (those who can not have gluten products should look for gluten free oats)

Additional ingredients I used:


Sesame seeds

Pine nuts


You can add any addition ingredients you like.  You can also add raisins, chocolate chips, nuts and other seeds, poppy seeds – it is all about your imagination and taste.  If your bananas are not very ripe you should add more honey or even brown sugar – of course if you want to have them sweet.  So, all you do is smash bananas and add oats.  I was using blender to make a smooth ‘dough’.  But before that I gently roasted all additional ingredients in a pan and then mixed with bananas and oats.  When you are ready – form biscuits and bake!  Use 170 C degrees and bake for 15 minutes.  Please, wait to cool down before you eat.  Very good in the morning – many nutritions for a good start of the day.  Enjoy! Taste!


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